We are a socially responsible company committed to the country, the region, and its people, with a team of people that is always one step ahead to serve.

Our positive impact is on education, culture, society and commitment to research and development (R&D).

We are confident that our small contribution in all these areas will positively impact the world around us.

We connect schools located in remote locations, we support different cultural projects, we grant scholarships of excellence for studies in the country and abroad, we train our teams and business partners and support research on the Space Economy of the Instituto Interdisciplinario de Economía Política (IIEP).

Our state-of-the-art technology is valued for its real and transformative effect on people; we see it as a tool that connects us and brings us closer.

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The three pillars that drive our Social Responsibility projects are providing connectivity in remote places so that inhabitants are connected: children can receive quality education and healthcare can be provided through telemedicine; supporting cultural projects so that talents can be developed and shown to the world; and taking care of our work team and those around us.


For nearly two decades, we have supported the work of the “Aprendiendo Bajo la Cruz del Sur” Foundation, together with which we connect schools located in the most remote and isolated corners of the country without any form of connectivity. In those places, a satellite connection becomes a treasure. We have connected more than 50 schools; we not only provide them with connection itself but also all the necessary equipment: antennas, Wi-Fi, and the technical and human support that each citizen needs.


At Servicio Satelital, we believe that culture and education are two fundamental pillars for the development of society. For this reason, for our part, we support national artists so that they can carry out their productions.


Well-being is another component of our social responsibility as a company. Along with education and culture, we aspire to and promote the well-being of society in general and of our team, partners, customers, suppliers, and distributors in particular. We provide training in the country and abroad. We work to make continuous training a reality within our organization. We promote talent through the granting of study scholarships in institutions in the country and abroad.


At Servicio Satelital, we support research on Space Economics at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Political Economics (IIEP). This support has been relevant for the development of various research projects and scientific publications, both nationally and internationally.

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