Quality Policy

SERVICIO SATELITAL S.A. views the Quality Management System as a vital tool in the organization of all the processes involved in its operation.

It therefore is committed to maintaining a Quality Management System and an ongoing process of improvement, imagining and implementing ways of anticipating and exceeding customer expectations.

Servicio Satelital S.A.’s Operations Management takes the lead in managing the Quality Management System, committing all the resources that may be needed to:

Permanently maintain and improve a Quality Management System which complies with the latest applicable versions of ISO 9001 and this Quality Policy.

Meet the requirements of stakeholders within the context of the organization.
Ensure our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, becoming a leader in product and service quality and providing personalized, professional attention.
Guarantee the sustainable growth of the company by diversifying supply.
Promote increased participation, motivation, and commitment among all staff regarding the company’s objectives, implementing a policy of internal communication and support to staff needs at all levels.
Undertake systematic planning based on clear objectives, with tools to measure results and implement improvements.

Optimize response times, both in everyday and unforeseeable situations, through a business culture that is always attentive to processes and complete customer satisfaction..

Compliance with this policy and the objectives established for adhering to it are developed as part of its expectations for economic growth, leadership and customer satisfaction.

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