At Servicio Satelital, we support research on Space Economics at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Political Economics (IIEP). This support has been relevant for the development of various research projects and scientific publications, both nationally and internationally.

Valentín Alvarez

Since October 2018, the company has supported the research activities associated with Space Economics carried out by Valentín at the IIEP.

Valentín obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires in 2020 and is a CIN Scholar at the IIEP, where he has participated in various academic activities thanks to this support, including scientific publications, work documents, and conferences.

Among the topics studied by Valentín in these projects are the potential for local integration of satellite components, the scopes and limitations of the Argentine Geostationary Satellite Plan 2015-2035, management of geostationary orbital positions for Argentina, the institutional framework for the provision of satellite services, and the dynamics of accumulating space technological capabilities in the country, among others.

Juan Manuel Rodríguez Repeti

Since January 2020, the company has co-financed, within the framework of the ProBeCo program of the UBA, Juan Manuel’s postgraduate scholarship. He has carried out various activities and collaborations in IIEP research projects related to Space Economics.

Among the topics studied by Juan Manuel in these projects are the study of the institutional schemes of the space sector in India and Israel, the technical aspects of the ARSAT 2 and SAOCOM 1b projects, the survey of supplier development experiences and technology transfer of the Space Industry worldwide, among others.

However, Juan Manuel’s research activities are focused on his scholarship thesis, in which he surveys the technological milestones in the space sector of different nations and develops metrics to evaluate the space technology capabilities of each country.

The final result of this project will be the presentation of his Master’s thesis in Economics from the Economic Sciences Department at the University of Buenos Aires. He also participates in a project that studies the potential of the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency (ALCE).

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