Aprendiendo Bajo la Cruz del Sur Foundation

The “Aprendiendo Bajo la Cruz del Sur” Foundation was founded in 2000 by Claudia Gómez Costa, its president since then, in order to provide internet connection and filters to provide drinking water to isolated schools within Argentine territory. Thanks to connectivity, Claudia is able to train teachers, students, and family members; carry out health consultations; and get in touch with other schools.

In 2015, Public Education School N° 1074 Annex was inaugurated, and since then, it has become the first rural and difficult-to-access school in El Impenetrable, Chaco province to have free Internet service and remote educators’ training.

The Foundation, in an unprecedented effort, made this dream possible thanks to the constant contributions and support it receives from the Banco Macro Foundation and Servicio Satelital to provide connectivity.

In this area inhabited by the Wichis, like in many other inaccessible communities in our country, drinking water is a huge risk factor; and, in order to use it, it is necessary to filter out insects with a cloth. It takes a lot to get used to collecting rainwater. Some boil it, while others drink it without much care, even if it had been accumulating for days.

For this reason, the Foundation also provides portable filters that it obtains from donations. They are imported, easy to use, eliminate bacteria, and instantly transform the brown water in the cistern into a liquid as clear as the one that comes out of any city tap.

On April 15, the EXO company and the Foundation inaugurated a Telemedicine station in Molulo, Jujuy province.

Thus, the project “Atención Primaria de la Salud (Digital Primary Digital Healthcare) in the indigenous town of Molulo” began, directed by the National University of Jujuy, in conjunction with the Health Ministry of Jujuy, and financed by the National Health Ministry.

The project is part of the work that has been carried out for years by the EXO company, which provides the Mobile Diagnostic Center (CDM), and the Foundation, which provides connectivity with the support of the Banco Macro Foundation and Servicio Satelital.

The inauguration was carried out via videoconference thanks to the satellite connection.

The participants were the school director; authorities and parents of the Indigenous Community of Molulo; local, provincial, and national authorities; and representatives of EXO, the Foundation, and Servicio Satelital.

The most exciting thing was the presence of the children from the Molulo school “Soldados de mi patria” together with their teacher Guillermo Duarte and the doctors from the Jujuy hospital who were also there expressing their support and, above all, their excitement of seeing this dream become reality.

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