Satelital Service against COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Servicio Satelital has implemented a series of measures to ensure the safety of our staff and customers and to guarantee continuity in the services which we provide. We have a redundant infrastructure and remote management that allows us to quickly establish a protocol for continuity, maintain the security of our work team, and guarantee uninterrupted service to our users. All our staff in the administrative, operational, or support areas carry out their duties remotely without the need to move around and, for Teleport operators who carry out critical tasks, we have guaranteed the means of safe mobility, thereby avoiding contact with third parties. On the other hand, those members of our team who belong to a risk group do not engage in face-to-face activities, regardless of the area in which they work in the company.

Central Office
Diógenes Taborda 127 2° piso
Ciudad de Buenos Aires – Argentina

Telefone: +54 11 4152-5200

Technical Service Center 
Customers only – 24 hours

Phone: +54 11 4152-5100
+54 9 11 5588-6437